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What is Swag Kicks?

Swag Kicks is a unique platform specializing in pre-loved sneakers, footwear, clothing, accessories and more. We have curated a collection of stylish and affordable fashion pieces that allow you to express your style without breaking the bank.

Where is the Swag Kick Store?
Currently, we're offering our services online only.
 Are your items clean and in good condition?

Yes, we take great care to ensure that all items are clean and in good condition before they are put on the shelves. We carefully inspect, clean, and sanitize every item to provide you with quality products.

Cleaning Process

  1. To ensure a more extensive cleaning, the laces and insoles are removed from the shoe.
  2. The shoes are then carefully washed using antibacterial liquids to ensure that they are spotless and bacteria-free.
  3. Each shoelace is thoroughly rinsed with our anti-bacterial solutions. We wash the insoles of the shoe to ensure that they look and feel fresh.
  4. To get rid of any moisture, our shoes are air-dried in a dry, well-ventilated controlled environment.
  5. The shoes are then meticulously inspected to ensure that each article has been cleaned.
 How do I know the condition of the shoes that I am purchasing?
We carefully inspect each article and rate the condition on a scale of 10. You can find detailed information on the product page for each pair of kicks.
Are Swag Kicks sneakers authentic?
Yes, all our sneakers are 100% authentic. We take authenticity seriously and only source from reputable suppliers from the USA.
Do you sell only used sneakers, or do you offer new ones as well?
Swag Kicks primarily offers pre-owned sneakers. However, on occasion, we may have new items, which are vintage, unworn sneakers.
What brands and styles of sneakers do you carry?

We carry a wide range of popular brands and styles, including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Jordan, Converse, and more. Our inventory is constantly changing, so you'll find a diverse selection to choose from.

How often do you restock your inventory?
We restock our inventory regularly, and new items arrive daily. This means that you'll always find fresh and exciting items during each visit.
How long will it take to deliver my order and how can I track my order?

The standard delivery time is 3-5 days. We make every effort to ensure that your order reaches you promptly. However, please be aware that unforeseen circumstances, such as weather conditions, holidays, or other logistical challenges, can occasionally impact delivery times. A tracking ID is sent in the confirmation email to keep a track on the delivery.

 Can I return or exchange a pair of sneakers if they don't fit or I change my mind?
We offer a return and exchange policy within a specified time frame. Please review our return policy on our website for details on the conditions and time limits for returns and exchanges.
 Do you offer discounts or promotions?
Yes, we frequently offer discounts and promotions. Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for the latest deals and special offers.
How can I contact Swag Kicks customer support?
You can reach our customer service team via email at contact@swag-kicks.com or by phone at 0304 111 0361.