Condition Guide

We have divided condition of the product into different categories that are new, 10/10, 9/10, 8/10 and 7/10 to make things easier for you.

Please look at the below guide,

 New Product that is not used before.
10/10 Shoes without any functional defects or cosmetic defects that will impair the marketability of the shoe are A grade. These are high-quality shoes, they look good and fit correctly. Product might not be used at all.
 9/10 Shoes without any major functional defects. These shoes may have cosmetic defects, slight signs of wear and tear. The product stands in absolutely amazing shape. These shoes might have slight signs of repair.
8/10 Shoes have obvious signs of use with little or no defect. These shoes have a normal life expectancy and give customer a good time.
 7/10 Product is at the best price but visibly low condition.